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The Sokoke is a breed of cat. The original name of the breed was Khadzonzos. This name was given to the cat by the local people the Giriama tribe who had known of the cat for a considerable time. It is speculated that this breed of cat had been around for possibly centuries before the intervention of the West. Khadzonzo means look like tree bark in the language of the Giriama people and it is plain to see why.

Cat And Kitten Information = By: Mitch EndickHome | UnCategorized The Sokoke comes from Kenya, Africa, where they are almost extinct in the 1
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- Forest = Practical Issues = * Places to Stay * Things to do * Watamu Beach * Watamu Village * Marine Park * Mida Creek * Arabuko-Sokoke Forest * Gede Ruins * Popup Map Watamu Causes: = * Watamu Turtle Watch * Friends of Arabuko-Sokoke Forest * Watamu Association * Community Organisations Click here for Membership details FoASF Homepage - About the 3
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Cats by the The North American Sokoke Association (Est 4/27/00) The above photos of a young native Giarama boy with a Sokoke Cat and 5
General: The Sokoke is a breed that developed naturally in Kenya (Africa) in the Sokoke forest and was discovered in 1979.6
- Forest - Snorkelling and glass-bottomed boats in Watamu.7
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kitten = It is now time to find a new home for my Sokoke kittens.10
National Park PARKS AND RESERVES: ARABUKO SOKOKE NATIONAL PARK * Access * Wildlife * Lodging * Camping * Surroundings The Arabuko Sokoke forestMore pictures of Arabuko Sokoke This tiny national park in Kilifi district, with only 6 km11
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Pictures = Somali Pictures » Click to show "Sokoke" result 1photo © Helmi Flick Health concerns The coat is thin so that this cat feels the cold more. At the be...13
Forest Send to a friend Arabuko Sokoke Forest = Ratings: 4 out of 5 (2 votes) Reviews: Be the first to write a review North of Mombasa is the coastal forest 14
Cats - History Sokoke cats (or African Shorthair) originated from the Sokoke Arabuke forest in Kenia and became known in Europe in the 20th century.15
Cat breeders with kittens and/or adult cats for sale.16
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Forest on the Kenya coast For as long as I can remember I've wanted to visit Africa.18
- Forest = General descriptionArabuko-Sokoke Forest - The Arabuko-Sokoke Forest (ASF) is a 420 square km coastal forest located on the Malindi-Watamu coastline adjacent to A Rocha Kenya’s neighbouring study site of Mida Creek.19
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- Forest Eleventh Meeting of the African Amphibian Working Group, 19-21 April, Watamu, Kenya 1.25 MB PDF. Requires Acrobat Reader. The Arabuko-Sokoke is Kenya's last remaining coastal forest.21
National Park - Kenya Safari = Arabuko Sokoke National Park is a small 6 kilometer part of the Sokoke Arabuko forest which is a strip of indigenous coastal forest running parallel to the sea from just north 22
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-; * birds; * disturbance; * forest; * management; * participatory Abstract Bird communities composed of habitat specialists suffer considerable loss of species following disturbance (Ecol. Monogr. 41, 1971, 207–233).24
- Forest is East Africa's largest surviving, dry coastal forest, The forest covers an area of approximately 400 SqKm providing a unique and important habitat for a number of 25
- Forest; * Brachystegia spiciformis; * diversity; * Lloyd’s index; * size distribution Abstract 1. Top of page 2. Abstract 3. Introduction 4.26
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- FOREST - The following is abstracted from Drewes & Altig, 1996. Anuran egg predation and heterocannibalism in a breeding community of African frogs. Tropical Zoology 9: 333-347.28
Cat - History The Sokoke Cat – a very rare cat breed, The original name of the breed was Khadzonzos.29
- Forest - The Community - Our Butterflies - Business Information - Tourism - Supporting Kipepeo Butterfly farmer collects insects from the Arabuko-Sokoke Forest.Training to improve insect trapping methods.Pupae delivery and sorting at Kipepeo.30
Cat Share Sokoke Cat Breed = Body Size - Medium Coat Length - Short Sokoke Description - 31
Scops Owl (Otus ireneae) = Categories: Africa, Strigidae, STRIGIFORMES Sokoke Scops Owl STRIGIFORMES | Strigidae | Otus ireneae | Ripley, 1966 | Sokoke Scops Owl | Petit duc de Sokoke | Sokokeeule | Autillo de Sokoke | Sokoke-dwergooruil Subspecies - Genus Species subspecies Region Range Otus ireneae AF Kenya Genus - Members of the genus Otus are the 32
Forest Cat: a Survivor = By: cherrypie In the Sokoke Forest, which is located in East Africa, there exist a number of rare species that cannot be found anywhere else in the world, like 33
: Exotic Forest Cat = by Marjorie Dorfman | More from this Blogger The SokokeThis breed of cat is very old, originating in the Sokoke Arabiuke 34
kittens for sale There are no current Sokoke kittens for sale! Please check the Cat Breeder Directory section.35
= This small national park in Kilifi district, having only 6Km2, is a small part of the largest stretch of indigenous coastal forest that survives in East Africa.36
Memberships: Fife Website: Visit Breeders Website Listed since: 9th May 05 Last Updated: 24th Jul 08 Advertiser Details Location: Kent United Kingdom Telephone: 01634 301695 - - Email The Owner Additional Information Based in the heart of Kent we are a small hobby breeder of Bengal & Sokoke cats and kittens.37
- Schools and Eco-Tourism Scheme A Rocha Kenya Home The Place The People The Scheme Action News About Contact Welcome to ASSETS = ASSETS is a well-targeted sustainable development programme.38
Pipit in Zaraninge Forest Status and Ecology of the Endangered Sokoke Pipit in Zaraninge Forest, TanzaniaIn Summary: Our study will focus on an endangered bird species, the Sokoke 39
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Breeders around the World These are all breeders of Sokoke cats that I am aware of. Be aware that kittens are quite rare.41
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- Schools and Ecotourism Scheme (ASSETS) = A guide trained by ARK shows tourists round Mida Creek A guide trained by ARK shows tourists around Mida Creek To address the current situation, where both the forest and the surrounding human communities are fighting for survival, A Rocha Kenya established ASSETS in 2001 with funding from the United Nations Development Programme Global Environmental Facility and in conjuction with the 45
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