Cymric (cat)
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The Cymric (pronounced KIM-rick or KUM-rick) is a breed of cat. Some cat registries consider the Cymric a long-haired variety of the Manx rather than a separate breed: except for the length of fur in all other respects the two breeds are the same. The name comes from Cymru the indigenous Welsh name of Wales though the breed is not associated with Wales and was possibly given as an attempt to give a Celtic name to the breed.

Cymric - White Star Liner, Cymric 1898-1916 sunk by U-20 Cymric was built by Harland and Wolff in Belfast in 1898. She saw "on and off" service as a passenger vessel and troop transport.1
CYMRIC - Picture of Cymric The Cymric or Longhaired Manx or Manx Longhair is a breed of domestic cat originated in Canada during the 1960s by accident from pure Manx 2
Cymric = Cymric - Cat Facts Cymric (pronounced KIM-rick) cats are a breed of cat.3
Cymric = Cymric was intended to be White Star's last cattle carrier, but the cattle space was omitted during construction and additional third class space was added instead.4
Cymric = From The Pet Wiki Jump to: navigation, search No image available Vital Statistics: Place of Origin: Wales Coat Type: medium long, soft, lustrous, dense Color: any color except chocolate, lavender & Himalayan Temperament: intelligent, loyal, gentle, good with children 5
Cymric = Name Cymric Type Passenger steamer GRT 13,370 tons (one of the largest ships hit) Country British Built 1898 Builder Harland & Wolff, Ltd.6
Cymric = Quick Links * Health * Training * Feeding Cats * Kittens * General Info * Reproduction Antelope Manx Cattery - KS, USA - I specialize in the longhair Manx, also called the Cymric.7
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Cymric Cymric Back To Guides About All Cat Breeds Quick Facts: * Size: (unavailable) * Lifespan: (unavailable) * Male Height: (unavailable) 10
Cymric Breed - Overview and History = Dog Breeds The Cymric – pronounced “koom-rick” - is a long-haired version of the Manx cat.11
Cymric Cymric Kittens for Sale Cymric Baby Skyy, the .12
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Cymric White Star Line ship Top > Steamship Companies > White Star Line > Cymric Main Categories - New images - Favorites Name : Cymric Description : White Star Line ship 14
Cymric (Cat) = The overall impression of a Cymric is that of roundness; round head with firm, round muzzle and prominent cheeks; broad chest; substantial short legs; short back which arches from 15
Cymric (cat) - Definition = Cymric Alternative names Long-haired Manx Country of origin Isle of Man Breed standards (external links) 16
Cymric (Longhaired Manx) Size : Medium body size Energy : Fairly calm, quiet, undemanding * Devon Rex Size : Medium body size Energy : Active, inquisitive 17
Cymric - pronounced Kim-Rick - (the Gaelic word for Welsh), this variety of Manx can now be shown under TICA and Fife rules, however with the GCCF these cats are known as Manx varients and 18
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CYMRIC Border Collies = Hi, Welcome to the Cymric Border Collies! Border Collies are great at a variety of activities including: herding dogs, agility, search and rescue, and frisbee.20
Cymric Breed Synopsis (ACFA) * Cymric: A Man-Made Tail (Cats & Kittens) * Manx (IAMS Breed Guide) * Manx Breed Profile 21
CYMRIC CARGO SHIP 1898-1916 - WRECK WRAK EPAVE WRACK PECIO = CYMRIC CARGO SHIP 1898-1916 - WRECK WRAK EPAVE WRACK PECIO = user: passw: automatic login: forgotten password * home * wrecks * wrecks alphabetical * search wreck * search in text * all UKHO wrecks * pictures 22

- Cymric Cat Items On eBay Description Of The Cymric Cat Breed Weight: 9-12 lbs.23
= Last updated: Mar 24 2011 12:29:57 ImagePhoto by © irib_ca Cymric - Breed Profile: Origin: Isle of Man (Great 24
How to Identify A Cymric Cat = How to Identify A Cymric Catthumbnail Cymrics come from the Isle of Man, an island 25
(Longhaired Manx) = The Cymric (both C’s are pronounced as K’s) is a little known variety of the Manx that is only acknowledged in 26
Breed The Tailless Cymric Cat By: Alfred and Pretty Baby The Cymric is a breed of cat that 27
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Info - roronoawinar on July 10, 2011 — Leave a Comment Cymric Cat Info Cymric cat from its physical side is 29
* Tiffanie Cat * Ragdoll Cat * Norwegian Forest Cat 30
Cymric Cats = The Cymric cat breed is essentially a Manx cat with a longhair coat.31
& Kittens for Adoption = 32
Cymric Conversions = Rate and Review this Listing - Cymric ConversionsUnits 4-7 , Burry Port Industrial Estate Burry PortDyfedSA16 0NNUnited Kingdom 0843 257 1855 Business Type: Vehicle Bodybuilders & 33
Cymric Conversions Project: Panorama Min Bus conversion Description: Cymric conversions asked us to design, develop and manufacture coach rear end and side skirts for a Renault Master van.34
Cymric fragment of his origingl romance, the Ystoria Trystan and a fragment of an obscure early poem in the Llyfr Du Caerfyrddin.35
Cymric House Forum archived free forum A forum for residents in Cymric House Flats, Cardiff Bay, Wales.36
Cymric Kittens for Sale | Manx Kittens | Manx Breeder | Manx Cats | Manx Pictures Manx & Cymric Kittens - Quality, sound, healthy, well 37
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Cymric picture World Cat Book - Scottish Fold Persian Ragdoll Cymric $34.99 - WHITE STAR LINE R.M.S.39
Cymric Pictures = Desert Lynx Pictures » Click to show "Cymric" result 1Post Comments Click to show "Cymric" result 2White Star Liner, Cymric 1898-1916 sunk by U-20 Cymric was built by Harland and Wolff in Belfast in ...40
Cymric Store * Details * Reviews Opening HoursPlease call us for details.41
Cymric versions of these deities Nudd became known as Nudd Llaw Ereint (Nudd of the silver hand), a direct counterpart of Nuadu Aratlám.42
Cymric was launched at Harland and Wolff's Belfast yard on October 12th, 1897.43
Alternate name
Long-haired Manx
TICA and ACF consider Cymrics a variety of Manx