Turkish Vankedisi
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Original source: English: Van Cat, male kitten. Photo by Bertil Videt, Istanbul 2006.

The Turkish Vankedisi is a breed name accepted by some cat registries to refer to the Van Kedisi and pure white versions of the Turkish Van.

and any Non Pedigree and Pedigree Pets may take part. Shedules available on the club website, hard copies by request. Closing date for entries 15th March.1
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& Moggy 15 December 2006 at 20:28 - BRIGHTON - rona wolfe | I came up with Donna Prior to collect Mia. Just wanted to say hi.5
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and the Turkish van cats look the same Because they are both same things =) Van kedisi means Van cat. * How much do Turkish Van cats cost about $350-$600.7
Kitten Assessment YENICIZGI AHMEDWon his Merit and 1st place in his side classes! Supreme Cat Show Held at the NEC Birmingham on 20th November 2010 Champion Shadycombe Vanguards Hope won1st 8
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A Texas Cattery raising and preserving the Turkish Van cats and Vankedisi Turkish Van & Turkish Angora cattery Sevimli Hayvan CZ Little cat cattery from Czech republic (FIFe members), specialized at breeding Turkish Van and Angora, Visite our pages to see our cats and kittens.15

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( Special Needs)Turkish Van6 years Somerset Ilminster Contact Breeder > view > Adult Exotic Cat For Sale Exotic girls needing loving retirement homeExotic Derbyshire Nr Chesterfield £80 > view > Adult Bengal Cat 17
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Cat in need of a new home Eastbourne Turkish Vankedisi Cat in need of a new home 18 days 24
, amber-eyed self (non-agouti) white Preliminary 13w bl Turkish Vankedisi, blue-eyed 13w od Turkish Vankedisi, odd-eyed Somali 63 Usual ticked tabby (agouti) black Championship 63a Sorrel cinnamon Championship 63c Blue blue Championship 63b Chocolate chocolate 63d Lilac 25
The Turkish Vankedisi is a breed name accepted by some cat registries to refer to the Van Kedisi and pure white versions of the Turkish Van.26
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and their van-patterned offspring Rate | Report * Breed(s): Turkish Vans Turkish Van Cat Club UK Turkish Vans kept by Melva Eccles Rate | Report Pages: 2 29
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White Turkish Van