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For the town see Van Turkey. Turkish Van File:Hobie the turkish van. JPG Common Van cat Alternative names Swimming Cat Turkish Swimming cat Origin Turkey Common nicknames Van Breed standard FIFe [http:--www. fifeweb. org-wp-breeds-std-tuv std. html standard] CFA [http:--www. cfainc. org-breeds-standards-turkish-van. html standard] TICA [http:--tica. org-public-breeds-tv-intro. php standard] GCCF [http:--www. turkishvancatclub. co. uk-index2. htm standard] AACE [http:--www. aaceinc.

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- Origin of the Turkish Van Cat: 17th century Limbs of medium length, strong physique, quite thick. 3 to 8.5 kg body weight.3
= The Turkish Van is a longhaired breed of domestic cat that is descended from the landrace of Van cats found near Lake Van in modern Turkey.4
= BREED HISTORY The Turkish Van, or “swimming cat” as it is often known, evolved in the region around Lake Van in Turkey, where it developed the habit of swimming out into the harbor to greet the incoming 5
= Breed Organization TICA Executive Office P.O. Box 2684 Harlingen, TX 78551 Phone: (956)428-8046 Fax: (956)428-8047 Email: information@ticaeo.6
= by Petside TeamPin It The cat known in the United States as the Turkish Van is a rare and ancient breed that developed in central 7
= Last updated: Dec 25 2011 08:30:22 ImagePhoto by Tambako The Jaguar Turkish Van - Breed Profile: Origin: Turkey Colors: White with colour markings on head and tail Size: Large Coat Type(s): Longhair Grooming: Regular Talkativeness: Average Activity Level: High Attention Requirement: High 8
= Listing herein of Turkish Van Catteries is a selection by web standards and not meant as a review or recommendation of the breeders.9
= Posted by egrejeen ⋅ February 23, 2012 ⋅ Leave a Comment Filed Under Lake Van, Turkish Van Turkish Van is a breed of longhaired cat from Turkey, also known as the Turkish swimming cat because of its affinity for water.10
= Sponsored Listing: Luxury Pet Beds Turkish Van Cat - Breed Profile The Turkish Van Breed Profile submitted by Ania Ake - Kinali - Texas Breeder Breed Description and Pictures Submitted by: Ania Ake 11
= Turkish Van Common Nickname Van, Swimming Cat Country of origin Turkey Breed standards (external links) CFA, ACFA, TICA, ACF, GCCF, FIFe 12
= Turkish Van The cat known in the United States as the Turkish Van is a rare and ancient breed that developed in central and southwest Asia, which today encompasses the 13
= Turkish Van The Turkish Van is a natural breed from the rugged, remote and climatically varied region of the Middle East. The breed is known for its unique, distinctive pattern...14
= Turkish Van When the Ark arrived at Mount Ararat some 5,000 years ago, Noah must have been a bit busy keeping the animals from stampeding in their eagerness to touch dry land.15
= Turkish Van - Cat Facts The Turkish Van cat's coat is considered semi-longhaired.16
Cat Breed Profile = - History - The Turkish Van is a natural cat breed, meaning that man played no 17
Inherited problems in cats - confirmed and suspected Cardiovascular conditions Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy A familial incidence of HCM has been hypothesised in the Turkish Van.18
Turkish Van = Turkish Van Turkish Van Cat Breed Guide: Comprehensive breed information about the Turkish Van cat breed.19
Turkish Van = Turkish Van Cat Breed src:wikipedia.20
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Turkish Van, breed of longhaired cat from Turkey, also known as the Turkish swimming cat because of its affinity for water.22
Breed Council Roll of Honor Regional Winners since May 1994 updated 5-5-06 (missing data tbd) Year Title Cat's Name Placenent 23
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Cat Breed Tweet Turkish Van Cat Breed In recent years one of the cats attracting people's attention in Turkey or in the world 26
Cat Breed Profile = Personality and Characteristics of Turkey’s Swimming Cats - Tweet * Jan 18, 2010 27
Cat Breed Profile - Breed Information with Description & Photos = Below: Different breeds of cats with pictures, description and information on each 28
Cat Breed Rescue is a cat rescue effort organized by breeders who cherish the breed and provide safe haven for any at-risk Turkish Van.29
Cat Breeders - Aledo Turkish VansWebsite: Aledo Turkish Vans Aledo Turkish Vans are members of the Turkish Van Cat Club in the UK 30
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cat is its affinity to water. It not only likes water but also actually enjoys a swim.32
cat is the oldest recorded domesticated semi-longhair cat.33
CAT STATS = Country of Origin: Turkey Color: The Van pattern is all-white with colored markings restricted primarily to 34
Cat ~ 'Swimming Cat' Turkish Van Cat = Turkish Van cats are attractive in appearance.35
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Cats = Turkish Van cats have luxurious coats with distinct markings on the forehead and tail.38
Cats for Sale in UK - Pet Directory | Pet InsuranceWednesday, 14 March 2012 Turkish Van Cats for Sale in UK = 39
Cats ~ Cat Breeder Surrey ~ Turkish Van Breeder Surrey ~ Shadycombe ~ Home Kittens available Contact us Shadycombe Turkish Van & Vankedisi 40
is a cat that has an athletic swimmers body. This is a good thing because this breed actually likes to swim.41
is a natural cat breed, originated in southeast Turkey, area of Lake Van. At its original are it has been kept as a house cat for centuries.42
is an ancient breed, it is a relative newcomer to the United States.43
Kittens for sale - Turkish Van Cats for sale - Breeders - Pet Directory | Pet InsuranceWednesday, 14 March 2012 Turkish Van Kittens for Sale - 44
owner's will often tell you that this breed of cat can display some quirky characteristics.45
Posters Turkish Van Posters = For wall-to-wall fun, add your personality to everything from dorm rooms to the board room with cool posters.46
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tail short haired cat maturation kitten domestic cat breed Turkish van, or a Turkish Van cats is semi-longhair breed of domestic cats, created on the basis of the population of 48
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