The Sumxu Chinese Lop-Eared Cat Drop-eared cat Droop-eared cat or Hanging-Ear cat all names referring to its characteristic feature of pendulous ears was a long-haired lop-eared breed of cat now considered extinct. The descriptions are based on reports from travellers on a live cat taken to Hamburg by a sailor and on a taxidermy specimen exhibited in Germany. The cats were valued as pets but was also described as a food. The last reported Chinese Lop-eared cat was in 1938.

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(drooping ears, now extinct) Contrary to popular belief, a Polydactyl cat is not a separate breed, but rather a mutation that produces extra toes.3
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Extinct Now considered extinct, once found in the area around Peking, China. Longhair cat, glossy black or yellow coat and pendulous ears.11
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Franse Sphynx Haarloze katten werden in Frankrijk geboren maar vermenigvuldiging wilde niet lukken.17
Czechsum, a favourite pet of software engineers and makers of programmable logic devicesDevon Rex x Cream LonghairDevon Cream, another clotted cat which goes well with scones and jamLonghair x Thai LilacHair 18
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