Sphynx (cat)
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The Sphynx (also known as Canadian Hairless) is a rare breed of cat known for its lack of a coat. The contemporary breed of Sphynx (known also as the Canadian Sphynx distinct from the Russian Sphynx breeds - Peterbald Don Sphynx) started in 1966 in Roncesvalles Toronto when a hairless kitten named Prune was born. The kitten was mated with its mother which produced one more naked kitten. Together with a few naked kittens found later it founded the first attempt to create a hairless breed.

Sphynx Kittens and Cats from Stoney Hill = Home History Care Our Girls Our Boys Kittens Photo Gallery Contact Links Sphynx News - Mother of Sphynx kittens wins best female at the Maine Coon Guild International Cat Show in Worthing on 9th August 2009, well done Camissa! 1
Sphynx Caring for a Sphynx History of the Sphynx Origin Hairless cats have been described in many regions of the world, but 2
Sphynx = Posted by: Cat Diaries on 16 Oct 2009 sphynxsmall For a unique, eye-catching and utterly enchanting cat, you can’t go past the Sphynx.3
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Sphynx fanciers loudly proclaim "bald is beautiful!" History and Origin During the last hundred years or so, hairless kittens have spontaneously appeared in litters of otherwise ordinary domestic 6
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Sphynx Breed Information You are here: > Cat Breeds > Sphynx Breed Information Sphynx Description The coat is not precisely 9
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Sphynx Kittens for sale - for sale - Breeders - Pet Directory | Pet InsuranceWednesday, 14 March 2012 Sphynx Kittens for Sale - Cat Breed 11
Sphynx Breeder List = Finding the perfect kitten just got easier. = Destyny Sphynx Location: Maryland Our Sphynx are not our hobby.12
Sphynx - a free spirited cattery based in North London - where happiness of the resident cats is a priority.13
Sphynx History * Gallery * Kittens & Prices * Contract & Payment * Contact Us Sphynx Sphynx Welcome to Sphynx World! Our cats are cfa registered and our cattery is cfa registered too. All of our kittens will have at least two vaccination before leaving. Our kittens are sold altered.14
Sphynx is a completely hairless cat however this is not true.15
Sphynx ~ Gray Sphynx ~ White History A hairless cat highly sensitive to sunlight Hairless cats appeared in the world at different times. Mexican hairless cats date back to the pre-Colombian era.16
Sphynx Kittens Coming Soon! All kittens born and bred in Colorado and South Dakota! Our latest litters are already SOLD. We will have more kittens available this spring.17
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SPHYNX We were the first Sphynx Breeders with a website in the U.K. We have paved the way with the GCCF.20
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* Spynx Cats * Care of Sphynx Cats * Breeding Sphynx Cats Sphynx Cats = The Sphynx is a specially bred type of cat, also known 22
Sphynx is the loving creation of Linda and Richard, we live in the North East of Scotland.23
Sphynx - A Rare, Unusual Cat = Name Goes HereName Goes Here, Yahoo! Contributor Network Jan 5, 2009 "Share your voice on Yahoo! websites. Start Here.24
Sphynx Kittens $900 Ultra Hairless Sphynx Kittens Sphynx · Las Vegas, NV Kitten Female Sphynx DetailsKittens starting at $900.25

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How to Breed or Raise Sphynx Cats = How to Breed or Raise Sphynx Catsthumbnail Raising or breeding animals of ANY kind is a labor of love.28
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SPHYNX We were the first Sphynx Breeders with a website in the U.K. We were the breeders who paved the way with the GCCF.30
Club Founded July 1991 Affiliated 24th June 2008 Adult sphynx male and female looking for loving permant homes see 31
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Breed Profile - Breed Information with Description & Photos = Below: Different breeds of cats with pictures, description and information on each of the 34
Milo- my lovely affectionate stud boy from the Talltrees cattery near Manchester and my two gorgeous girls Amber and Lexi who are both from the Happiness cattery in Accrington. You can see them on the following pages and Lexi is pictured above as a kitten.35
Sphynx » Sphynx Cat Sphynx Cat Sponsored Links: Sphynx Cat | Breed Profile | Breed Description The Sphynx (aka Canadian Hairless) With 36
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Sphynx Rescue Independent Sphynx Rescue Catchment area: South East and East Central US Contact: Denna Harmon Email: suedekitty@charter.net An independent Sphynx Rescuer who rescues cats from a variety of at-risk situations and makes sure they go to permanent loving homes.38
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tery Sphynx Breed Profile/ History Home Sphynx celebrities Sphynx breed history Adults Kittens for sale Contact Me Genetics Stud Service Contract/ frequently asked questions Breed Profile: Sphynx In 1966 a domestic cat 40
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Sphynx Rescue Alliance (SRA) is a rescue organization dedicated to the breed.43
A Sphynx cat Hairless cats are an unusual type of pet, to say the least. The sphynx cat is one breed of hairless cat.44
Sphynx = by Petside TeamPin It In 1966 a domestic cat gave birth to a hairless kitten in Toronto, Canada.45
sphynx * lab * attack * tail * tracy hosfelt * groovysphynx * groovy * sphnx Licence: Standard YouTube Licence * 6,602 likes, 2,436 dislikes * As Seen On: As Seen On: Mugango Show more Show more Show fewer Show fewer Link to this comment: Share to: Top Comments * So cute, YET SO UGLY.46
Sphynx = Sphynx - Cat Facts Sphynx (aka Canadian Hairless) cats are a rare type of cat with extremely little fur, or at most a short fuzz over its body, and 47
Sphynx Concentrated energy Learn more Concentrated energy With its increased level of fats (23%) and moderate protein level (33%), Sphynx 33 helps sustain this naked cat's singular metabolism.48
Sphynx diagnosed with HCM varies from case to case, and typically with early detection and the use of medication a Sphynx can continue to live several years without complications.49
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