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The Serengeti cat was first developed by crossing a Bengal cat and an Oriental Shorthair cat. Recognised and registered by The International Cat Association no other first generation crosses can be registered as Serengeti . From the Bengal - Oriental cross comes your first foundation Serengeti. Breeders then work with the cat to produce a cat that resembles the breed profile set by TICA .

- 2012/01/23 | Author Tiger Cat Serengeti Cat Serengeti Cat Serengeti Cat There ar quite a few countries in Africa where you can spot the ‘Big Five’, but 1
- Bengal Toyger Key Information Breed Standard AACE standard ACF standard ACFA standard FIFe standard TICA standard AACE standard 2
- Russian Blue Savannah Key Information Breed Standard AACE standard ACF standard ACFA standard CCA standard CFA standard FIFe standard 3
- Serengeti Cat source: WikipediaThis cat breed was first created by breeding a Bengal Cat with an Oriental Shorthair cat.4
Serengeti cat Pictures 11 January 2012 Our concession is located in the only part of the Masai Mara, where it can be assured your privacy and 5
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breed A Serengeti Cat A lot of controversy surrounds wild cat breeds.The gene pools of natural wild cats are being seriously diluted due to wild cat/domestic cat hybrids.11
Breed Info - Serengeti Cat Breed PictureThe Serengeti cat is the result of an experimental breeding of the Bengal and Oriental Shorthair cat breeds.12
breed is accepted in the Foundation registry of TICA and can be shown in Evaluation classes at TICA shows.13
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breeders with kittens and/or adult cats for sale. Serengeti Cat breeders, you may place an ad for your Serengeti Cat kittens and/or adult Serengeti cats for sale on CatsForYou.16
Cost? - How Much Does a Serengeti Cat Cost? = The Serengeti cat is becoming more and more popular as a choice for a household pet.17
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has been produced by crossing Siamese or Oriental cats to get a cat that looks like an African Serval.19
is the end result of an experimental breeding between an Oriental cat and a Bengal cat. The Serengeti looks very much like the wild Serval cat.20

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- Mazi is a direct decendent of the first ever registered Serengeti Kingsmark Blint (BZ) His Father is a beautiful and large ebony spotted Oriental Shorthair of 23
- are they available at these stores? I don,t recall seeing them before but to be honest, I wasn't really sure of what brands to look for before.24
: developed from crosses with Oriental Shorthair or Siamese with the aim to produce a domestic cat mimicking the appearance of an African Serval, without actually incorporating Serval genes by hybridization.25
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Have you ever seen a Serval before (Leptailurius serval), those cute and large eared African cats.29
Minimize These relatively new breed are extremely beautiful with their wild cat appearance. They are very healthy animals, vocal and sweet, and make excellent family pets.30
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> Breed Overview Serengeti Cats overview = Serengeti cats have been created using primarily Oriental Shorthair Cats and Bengal Cats.32
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by percent of parent purebreds. F1 Serengeti are 50x50 mixes created by crossing 100% purebred Bengal with 100% purebred Oriental.35
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