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The Oriental Longhair is a breed of domestic cat. It was formerly known as the British Angora before being renamed in 2002 by British cat fancies in order to avoid confusion with the Turkish Angora. The Oriental Longhair is analogous to the CFA Balinese and Javanese and the TICA Oriental Longhair breeds in the United States. With no globally recognized naming convention other cat fancies may refer to this type as Foreign Longhair or Mandarin.

cats including: CHAMPION and GRAND PREMIER BUNDOOK OHM MAID . LORICHA BUNDOOK BOY . He is now proven and carries dilute and chocolate.1
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> Oriental Longhair = When buying oriental longhair kittens, don't just buy based on photos, but actually go see the animals and living conditions in person. This is still a relatively new breed.3
Cat = Oriental Longhair Cat The Oriental Longhair Cat , formerly known as the British Angora, has a tubular oriental type body with a longer 4
, Balinais = Family : Felidae Text © Dr Didier Hallépée English translation by Mario Beltramini JPEG - 21.5
Synopsis Back ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Graceful, as if formed from the finest porcelain, this muscular, fine-boned cat is the epitome of elegance.6
kitten for sale = A blue silver shaded boy is ready for a new home now. He is pedigree registered, vaccinated and insured.7
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() - The British Angora is a relatively new breed, still under development. It is essentially an oriental longhaired cat.12
"" result 2Kafa yapısına oranla oldukça geniş ve üst kısımları nokta şeklinde bir kulak Klicka för att visa "Oriental Longhair" result 3The Oriental Longhair is a beautifully balanced cat with an alert, intelligent expression. The type ...13
Cat = Omer Ashraf Oriental Longhair is a long and slender cat quite similar to the Siamese in its body structure.14
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CFA's 3rd Best OLH 2010-2011 Southwest Region's 18th Best Cat in Championship CH.19

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cat Oriental Longhair Cat The front view of the head is triangular. The head itself is wedge-shaped with a fine muzzle.21
was developed separately in the late 1970s by crossing the Oriental shorthair with the Balinese (longhaired Siamese).22
in the UK. I think, confusingly, the current edition of the The Encyclopedia of the Cat uses the term "Angora" to describe the Oriental Longhair.23
Confusion arises because in Europe (but not in the UK) the Javanese name is sometimes applied to Oriental Longhair cats.24
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Female Photo: © Chanan The Oriental has an equally colorful personality. They are closely linked to the people they claim as their own and desperately want to share their lives with you.30
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into this family of sleek, muscular felines the Oriental breed can provide a cat for just about anyone.32
- Breed Profile: Origin: Great Britain Colors: Any Size: Small to medium Coat Type(s): Shorthair Grooming: Little Talkativeness: Very vocal Activity Level: Very 33
Milestones - Part 2 - CFA Grand Champions/Premiers 2000-01 Show Season GP Balinan's Autumn Leaves, ebony tortoiseshell spay br/ow: Nancy Grandison pedigree 34
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