Kurilian Bobtail

The Kurilian Bobtail is a cat breed originating from the Kuril Islands of Russia. It has a semi-cobby body type and a distinct short fluffy tail. The backs are slightly arched with hind legs longer than the front similar to that of the Manx. The Kurilian Bobtail is recognized by the World Cat Federation The International Cat Association and the Fédération Internationale Féline but not the Cat Fanciers Association.

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Svetlana Ponomareva RUSSIA Moscow phone: will follow RUSSICAT, RUSSIBOB Persian, Exotic Shorthair, Maine Coon, American Curl, Kurilian Bobtail, Munchkin, La Perm **** please find below some pictures of this breed...2
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* Pictures of Kuril Islands Coordinates: 46°30′N 151°30′E / 46.5°N 151.5°E / 46.5; 151.4
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(KB) is a domestic cat that traces its ancestry to the Kuril Islands off the coast of Russia.11
à poils mi-longs, la fourrure présente également un épais sous-poil et un poil de garde important. Toutes les couleurs et tous les patrons sont autorisés. Aucun croisement avec une autre race n'est autorisé.12
Breed Profile The Kurilian Bobtail, a natural cat breed with some unusual characteristics, arose on the Sakhalin and Kuril Islands.13
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is a natural breed of cat originating in Russian Far East.16
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Pictures LaPerm Pictures = Maine Coon Pictures » Click to show "LaPerm" result 1origin: Click to show "LaPerm" result 2Owner: Martine Sansoucy Click to show "LaPerm" result 3The LaPerm first came into 22
semi-longhair (KBL) color: g 03 23 sir: Elizar Eridan KBL а 22 dam: Encanto de Fiera KBL F 03 breeder: Epifanova Maria owner: Epifanova Maria Photogallery Pedigree Show-results Bosporus Free Hunter*RU Bosporus Free Hunter*RU SC Fife sex: Male date of birth: 22.04.23
Shorthair = Main name of the breed:Kurilian Bobtail ShorthairMain name of the breed Kurilian Bobtail Shorthair close x Standart:KBSGroup:ShorthairSystem recognized the breed:WCF, TICA, LOOF, FIFEAdoption of the 24
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! = Estamos especializados en la variedad de siberiano colourpoint (Neva Masquerade) y somos el primer criadero en España que trabaja con la raza Kurilian Bobtail (longhair y shorthair) originaria rusa de las Islas de Kuriles .28
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* Available * FAQs * Contact Us * Our Policy * Our Show Stars * Links Welcome = Forest Hunter is a small TICA registered cattery located in the Pacific Northwest, specializing in Pixie Bobs and Kurilian Bobtails.33
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= * Blog * Photos * Unite * About Subscribe to RSS feed About Kurilian Bobtails - Wednesday, February 8, 2006 5:57:32 PM About the breed Kurillian Bobtail is a natural breed, coming from the chain of Kurilian islands belonging to Russia and Japan.35
in North America. The rare Kurilian Bobtail is a natural breed originating spontaniously on the Kuril Island chain between Russia and Japan.36
is glad to welcome you! The harmony, natural beauty and at the same time singularity, combination of tenderness and power make a secret of charm 37
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