Havana Brown
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The Havana Brown one of the breeds tentatively identified as the 19th Century Swiss Mountain cat is a breed of cat well known and shown in England in the 1890s. Similar to the oriental shorthair full color cats also known as non-blue eyed Siamese were known to interbreed with the pointed cats of Siam. The Havanna Brown originated from Thailand. In Thailand at the time they believed that brown cats were a relinquish from evil. They were then brought to England in the 1800's.

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Breed Council Website HAVANA BROWN OUT-CROSSING PROGRAM Due to an alarming decrease in the gene pool diversity of the Havana Brown, the members of the Havana Brown Breed Council, with the blessing of the Board of Directors, approved an 7
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Havana Brown = Havana Brown Cat Breed Guide: Comprehensive breed information about the Havana Brown cat breed.9
Havana Brown = Havana Brown The Havana Brown, one of the breeds tentatively identified as the 19th Century Swiss Mountain cat, is a breed of cat well known and shown in England in the 1890s.10
Havana Brown is an elegant shorthaired domestic cat breed. It is believed to have evolved alongside Siamese cats in Thailand centuries ago.11
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The following diseases are reported to occur more frequently in the Havana Brown than in the general cat population.15
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- We Run The Night lyrics (2012) Havana Brown - We Run The Night lyrics (2012) = - Havana Brown - We Run The Night lyrics (2012) - Artist : Havana Brown The title song : We Run The Night (Song Lyrics 2012) Songwriters :- Video Havana Brown - We Run The Night Havana Brown - We Run The Night lyrics When the sun goes down, down, down, down Boy are you afraid of the dark, dark? And when the lights go out, out, out, out Tell me, do you know where to start, start? And when the 19
: We Run The Night Geez, DJ Havana Brown is doing alright for herself, isn’t she? The woman behind the top selling ‘Crave’ compilation series can add top ten success on the ARIA singles chart (with 20
Breed and Breeders Havana Brown Breed and Breeders 6:14 PM Cats-Pussy No comments The overall impression of the ideal Havana Brown is a cat of medium size with a rich, solid color coat and good muscle tone.21
Breed Profile = Personality Among the endearing traits of the Havana Brown Cat is that they are highly affectionate and faithful. They are playful and tend to steal things, such as pencils, pens, and jewelry.22
Cat How to Idenitfy A Havana Brown Cat = How to Idenitfy A Havana Brown Catthumbnail The Havana Brown cat is also known 23

Cat How to Identify a Havana Brown Cat = The Havana Brown cat is a human-engineered breed.24
cat dates back to the 1950's in Great Britain. These cats are of a medium build and have long slender bodies. They have large slightly pointed ears.25
Cats = A Fanciful Hybrid - Havana Brown Cat The Havana brown cat is a rare breed.26
Cats = Learn about the Havana Brown cat breed with a description, picture, breed standard, history & orignins and more. I-Love-Cats.27
Cats Havana Brown Cats = Description of the appearance, temperament, type of fur, grooming, and varieties of Havana Brown Cats along with a brief history of the breed.28
Fanciers is a breed club chartered in 1990 by The Cat Fanciers Association (www.cfa.org) .29
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is capable of achieving big things. She needs to work with a new team of songwriters and producers.32
kitten is a member of a hybrid breed. Siamese cats with eye colors other than blue were rejected from competing in competitions.33
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Makes a Big Impression = - With a playful and dog-like personality, the Havana Brown is a perfect companion for those who can give them the 35
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Profile Havana Brown was born in 1898. Havana currently lives in Ecorse, Michigan. Register for FREE at MyLife to find Havana Brown or meet Havana Brown.37
Profile and Standards = The delicious chocolate-coffee color of this designed breed make it an incomparable choice for a pet, and its charming, pixiesh manner and "touchy-feely" paws complete the package.38
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, Havana Brown cat pictures. = Havana Brown history: Havana Brown is believed to be the origin of Siam (modern day Thailand).43
: a Smoking Great Cat = By: cherrypie Although brown cats have been around for centuries, the Havana Brown Cat 44
Havana Brown Cats for Sale = The Havana Brown, a breed of medium size and structure, is noted for its dark, chocolate coat.45
have medium sized bodies of average structure. Males tend to be slightly larger than females. Color(s): This breed is characterized by a rich, mahogany-brown color.46
Alternate name
Swiss Mountain cat
Recognized by the GCCF and FIFe as an Oriental Shorthair