European Shorthair

The European shorthair (or Celtic shorthair) is a breed of short-haired cat originating in Sweden. It's a recently recognised breed established to preserve the naturally occurring cats that have lived in European villages and cities for ages. Many people incorrectly refer to any stray cat as a European Shorthair.

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cat Learn about the character of european shorthair cat.18
Cat = Omer Ashraf European Shorthair is a recently recognized breed of cats that was created to distinguish the Scandinavian cats of Europe 19
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cat was presented with a firm mass palpable on the right caudal rib cage.21
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is probably the oldest English breed and one whose ancestors came to Europe and Britain with the Roman soldiers.24
is the Continental European equivalent to the British Shorthair in Great Britain and the American Shorthair in the United States.25
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white, but instead of a seal point siamese they used a red point siamese. Lines with often deaf kittens were stopped.29
) has heart problems and kidney disease. I need to know what he is trying to communicate to me as far as his care and needs.30
) is a domesticated cat that is said to resemble a teddy bear. Its features make it a popular breed in cat shows.31
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( male, blue tabby bicolour), which she named Chita (after the monkey of the TV-film).34
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