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A Cornish Rex is a breed of domestic cat. The Cornish Rex has no hair except for down. Most breeds of cat have three different types of hair in their coats: the outer fur or guard hairs which is about 5 cm long in shorthairs and 10cm+ long in longhairs; a middle layer called the awn hair; and the down hair or undercoat which is very fine and about 1 cm long. Cornish Rexes only have the undercoat.

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= Long and lean, the Cornish Rex are often called the greyhound of the cat world.2
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* Facebook * Twitter Cornish Rex = Weight: 6 - 8 pounds Life span: 15 - 20 years CFA rank: 13 * * * * Lap Cat * Intelligence * Ease of Training * Grooming Requirements * Shedding 4
* Your Say * Contact Us * Links Cornish Rex banner Cornish Rex – Photographs of the Cornish Rex Cat = Cornish RexThis page is dedicated to the most wonderful breed of cat in the world: The Cornish Rex.5
- BREED PROFILES Choosing a Cornish Rex When you first encounter the Cornish rex, you might think you’re looking at something beamed down from the Mother Ship. The breed’s willowy contours, curly coat, satellite dish ears and large soulful eyes give it an unsettling otherworldly appearance.6
- Published October 13, 2011 | By admin A Cornish Rex is a breed of domestic cat. The Cornish Rex has no hair except for down.7
= Cornish Rex - The Cornish Rex breed began as a happy accident of nature.8
= Cornish Rex - Cat Facts The Cornish Rex is a type of cat cat that has no hair except for down-hairs.9
= Listing of Cornish Rex Cat Breeders is a selection by web standards. Comments may be quotes from the breeders, and are not to be interpreted as a recommendation.10
= Tweet The Cornish Rex cat is heir to a recessive genetic mutation, first observed in a litter in 1950.11
Cornish Rex - The Cornish Rex is the grayhound of the cat world. The soft, wavy, marcelled coat is unlike that on any other cat. Everything is curly, even the whiskers.12
Cornish Rex = Origin: England Back > Click on a thumbnail to enlarge Origin: England Coat: Curly coat, soft to the touch. Colors: All colors, including solid, tabby, bicolor, tortoiseshell and calico.13
Cornish Rex Presents & Gifts = Here's your spot for Cornish Rex gifts. Whether you want Cornish Rex t-shirts, bumper stickers or posters, we have a big collection of unique gifts to pick from.14
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Inherited problems in cats - confirmed and suspected Dermatological conditions Congenital hypotrichosis (reduced amount of hair) (*) Hypotrichosis means a lack of hair.16
QUAILS NEST CORNISH REX KALLIBUNKER Kallibunker was the first Rex ever registered...Born on July 21, 1950, his registration number is SR78021.17
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and Sphynx for more information on hair-deficient genetics in cats).22

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boy Kittens Available!! Tshianeo gave birth to 2 Beautiful Big Healthy Cornish Rex boys on the 7 January 2012 Cornish Rex Kitten Cornish Rex kitten Click on the photo to view the kittens Cornish rex kittens 24
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Cat (Pet Love) - Eve Denise Jones Pages: 128, Hardcover, Interpet Publishing £7.26
Cat Breed Profile = Felines with Short Curly Hair Originating from Cornwall, UK - Tweet * Jan 27, 27
cat Rescue = cornish-rex-cat-rescue Cornish Rex cat rescue - Katie waiting to be rescued photo by Boska Site Build It!The purpose 28
CAT STATS = Country of Origin: England Color: The breed is graced with every imaginable color, including colorpoints, lavender, 29
cats = iLikeCats's picture published by iLikeCats on Fri, 01/28/2011 - 22:15 Cornish Rex KittenA Cornish Rex is a spectacular breed.30
cats approximated monogenic proportions, and the defect was probably a polygenic threshold character, possibly involving a major gene whose expression was mediated by the genetic (breed) background.31
cats are not from outer space and, in spite of their resemblance to ancient Egyptian statues, they are not from Egypt either.32
Cattery = * Home | * News | * Cats | * Kittens | * Gallery | * Cornish Rex | * Guestbook | * Contact | * Links Cornish Rex Welcome at Out Of Time, the Cornish rex Cattery - KITTENS EXPECTED:SPRING 2012 We are Marc and Bettina, together with our children and 3 dogs, 33
Cornish Rex Kittens Cornish Rex Kittens Looking for a Cornish Rex Kitten? Please visit my kitten page! Welcome to our website! Hello, my name is Esté Retief, I am a small breeder 34
for temperament, style and coat. As you browse the web site you'll notice that we have kittens and cats in many beautiful colours.35
is a very small cattery owned and operated by, veterinarian, Amanda Dyal. It is located in the small town of Pulaski, Wisconsin, situated on two country acres.36
is easily recognizable by its wavy marceled coat. These curls go from their eyebrows to their whiskers and all over their body.37
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likes nothing better than to have a quick nap on your knee or on a warm fleecy radiator bed.39
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