A Chausie (also known as Jungle Curl Stone Cougar Mountain Cougar) is a hybrid of the domestic cat (Felis silvestris catus) and the Jungle Cat (Felis chaus). Despite their wild appearance they are domestic.

, you ask?Chausie Cat One of the more popular exotic hybrid cats, the Chausie was created by crossing two different kinds of cats.1
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- which is a cross between the domestic Chausie breed and a European Wildcat.4
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"" (pronounced "chow-see") was derived from the Latin name for the Jungle Cat, Felis Chaus.6
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= Chausie - Cat Facts Chausie cats are a hybrid of the domestic cat Felis catus and Felis chaus, the Jungle Cat.10
Cat - History The Chausie originated in the 1960s when Jungle Cats (Felis chaus), a wild species found in parts of the Far 11
Cats * Domestic Cats * Avalo's Adoptables * Cat Links Chausie Cats = Chausie Cats are a hybrid from a Jungle Cat and a Domestic Cat - usually an Abysinnian.12
(pronounced Chow-see) are a new domestic breed originating from the hybridization between Jungle cats (felis chaus) and domestic cats.13
kittens, I litter was in 1997, 1 in 1999, and 1 in 2000. I hope to have F3 kittens in the year 2001.14
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Breeds | Genetics | About cats | FAQ's | Resources | News | Have fun Chausie brown ticked Wild Side Fatumeh Breeder: Eva Rubin, Wild Side cattery, Flen, Sweden Coat pattern and coat colours The coat is ticked. The face shows tabby markings, there might be also broken necklaces around the neck.21
has also been crossed with F silvestris to produce the Euro-Chausie. The Euro-Chaus is considered an exotic, rather than a domestic, pet.22
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- The Chausie cat is bred from the Jungle Cat and has the "wild cat" look many people look for in cats .24
Cat Breed History and Origin = Let's take a look at the origin and history of the Chausie cat breed.25
= Quick Links * Health * Training * Feeding Cats * Kittens * General Info * Reproduction Tasurt Chausies - AZ, USA - We currently have Chausies in both brown ticked tabby and black grizzled tabby ( formerly called 26
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Chausie Cats for Sale = The Chausie combines the genial nature of a domestic cat with the beauty and elegance of a jungle cat.31
is a very intelligent cat’s breed. - Chausie1Race Chausie is seen as one of the most beautiful breed.32
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is a domestic breed with genetic ties to the Jungle Cat. It is tall, statuesque, and shorthaired.41
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and found some..I am purchasing an f2 chausie male (i'll be picking him up in a few days)..43
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Cat Breeders Showcase Cyber-Cat wishes to thank the Chausie breeders below as they kindly provided her with food & water while she was on her mission.46
Alternate name
Jungle Curl
Mountain Cougar
Stone Cougar
An adult Chausie cat.