The Chartreux is a breed of domestic cat from France and is recognised by a number of registries around the world. It is not recognised by the GCCF in the UK as it is too similar to the British Blue Shorthair. The Chartreux is large and muscular with relatively short fine-boned limbs and very fast reflexes.

= The Chartreux is the official cat of France. Dark grey, quiet and intelligent, one wonders what the Chartreux is thinking with a face that is always smiling.2
Chartreux are big blue cats with upturned mouths that make them look as if they're always smiling. The Chartreux's coat is soft and plush, but more wooly than the British Shorthair's.3
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(pronounced: shar trew) is built for survival. Its physical appearance still reflects its ancient origin in the harsh arid cold of mountainous Asia Minor.7
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Chartreux - As with all working breeds, these cats demonstrate great intelligence and can adapt to a wide variety of circumstances. CFA recognized the cat in 1987.15
Chartreux = Chartreux Chartreux Cat Breed Guide: Comprehensive breed information about the Chartreux cat breed.16
Chartreux = These amiable felines require moderate amounts of grooming and are great for families, singles, and first time cat owners.17
Chartreux Chartreux - The Chartreux is a recognized breed of cat that originated, as one might guess by the name, in France.18
Chartreux Rescue Rescue Me! Animal Rescue Network Rescue Alerts Volunteer View Animals Change Breed Post Animal Chartreux Rescue Groups About Us Success Stories Link to Us Tell a Friend Donations Memorials Donate to Chartreux Rescue as a gift or memorial, and we will mail a free acknowledgement card within 24 hours.19
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Counter Music by The Cure the Lovecats We are a CFA and TICA registered cattery Our Chartreux cats have been raised in New York City since 1990.21

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Group Classification: Shorthair Country of Origin: France Date of Origin: 16th century Weight (M): 12-16 lbs. Weight (F): 7-10 lbs.23
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Breed Information You are here: > Cat Breeds > Chartreux Breed Information Chartreux Description The Charteux Cats have a coat that 26
Breed Rescue Referral is done by Chartreux breeders who care deeply about their breed and work to rehome and rescue Chartreux throughout the United States.27
Cat The Club Official Web Site 28
Cat Club Recommend our site - Send us a photo of your Chartreux Cat29
Cat Information Chartreux Cat Information = The Chartreux is a very old cat breed with a strong build, a grayish blue coat, and 30
CAT STATS = Country of Origin: France Color: Any shade of blue-gray, from ash to slate, with the tips lightly 31
Cats = Chartreux cats are known for their beautiful blue-gray, woolly, medium length coat.32
Cats = Learn about the Chartreux cat breed with a description, picture, breed standard, history & orignins and more. I-Love-Cats.33
de Tatouine A propos de nos chat chartreux La bio du chartreux Caract34
Information = Chartreux Chartreux CFA Popularity 26th Intelligence 8 Attention Needs 6 35
Information sur la race ChartreuxPhoto : © Eric Isselée - Fotolia Eleveurs de Chartreux de France Eleveur de Chartreux de Belgique Eleveurs de Chartreux de Suisse 36
InformationChartreux KittensMy ChartreuxChartreux NecklacesChartreux Gifts A Layman's Guide to the Chartreux = Reprinted with the permission of Jessie Strike-McClelland, Breed Historian, Chartreux, USA The Chartreux is a quiet cat, and makes a devoted companion and a good traveller.37
Kittens Kittens Chartreux Kittens = Chartreux History - Although it has never been proven where the Chartreux (pronounced shar-TRUE) originated from, an old legend exists that many cat lovers like to believe.38
" Milestones - 16th century Mention of blue cats living in France. 1558 First text about the French blue cats.39
": = * The Chartreux is an old European breed obtain from a wild cat, characterized by a blue coat with a wooly texture and cupper to 40
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