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A cat breed is an infrasubspecific rank for the classification of domestic cats. A cat is considered to be of a certain cat breed if it is true breeding for the traits that defines that cat to breed. Various cat registries around the world record and certify the pedigrees. Only three percent of owned cats belong to a cat breed and an even smaller percentage of those are suitable as show cats.

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- History and origins of the Balinese cat breed Balinese cats have long hair and thick plumed tails, with Siamese-style colorpoints and blue eyes.2
= with Debbie Lamb The gentle giants of the cat world, Maine Coons are friendly and laid back, but also exuberant and sometimes dog-like.3
= with Teresa Salvato Have you ever considered getting an Abyssinian, one of the oldest known cat breeds? If you want a playful but quiet pet in your home, then this kitty might be for you.4
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Pictures and Personality Profiles = Here is a guide of cat breed pictures to help you identify what breed your current cat may resemble.6
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- where are Birman cats from? - The Birman cat breed's legendary past Of all the cat breeds, Birman cats have the most mysterious origins.8
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FAQ = male Bombay cat SGC Annbirwaves Midnite Raider photo: Jim McCauley The Bombay is a shorthair breed of domestic cat, closely related to the Burmese.12
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LIST (C) Cat Breeds (Recognized/Unrecognized, Common/Obscure), Variants, Mutations, Hybrids, Archaic/Alternate Names.19
Listings A - I = Let's face it, every cat breed is different. They each have their own look, their own personality and their own special care needs.20
Personality Traits = Choosing a Purebred Kitten or Cat Based on Typical Qualities - Tweet * Sep 30, 2008 * Jennifer Copley Ragdoll Cat 21
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Profile = A Crossbreed of Siamese Cats and Persians - Tweet * Jan 15, 2010 * Jennifer Copley Chocolate Point 23

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Section = The Savannah Breed Section is comprised of TICA members who own and/or breed Savannahs and work together in the development of the Savannah 27
Selector = Get help choosing the right cat for your lifestyle. Use our cat breed selector and get instant recommendations on the best cat breed for you.28
Source, A Cat Website (Detailed Research about Cats), History, Knowledge, also Local Kittens for sale.29
Standards The Bengal Cat is currently accepted for registration by most Governing bodies / associations including: * American Association of Cat Enthusiast's (AACE) * 30
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? = * 4 years ago * Report Abuse Lisa by Lisa Member since: April 23, 2008 Total points: 36,857 (Level 7) * Add Contact * Block Best Answer - Chosen by Asker - DWARF AND MIDGET CATS Dwarfism, miniature breeds, the various causes and the implications of keeping dwarf and midget cats are more fully discussed in Dwarf and Midget Cats Dwarfism and midgetism has been recorded in cats.32
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