British Shorthair
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The British Shorthair is a domesticated cat whose features make it a popular breed in cat shows. It has been the most popular breed of cat registered by the UK's Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF) since 2001 when it overtook the Persian breed.

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= Meet the cat that inspired Alice in Wonderland's Cheshire Cat. The British Shorthair is easy going and always looks like its smiling.3
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= Place of origin: * United Kingdom Breed of: * Cat Also known as: * European Shorthair 6
= British Shorthair British Shorthair The British Shorthair is a cat who radiates calmness; whilst some breeds are alert and ready to move at any stimulus the British Shorthair rather absorbs what is going on 7
= British Shorthair - Cat Facts British Shorthair cats have very dense, soft coats. The eyes of the British Shorthair cats are large, round and copper in color.8
= HISTORY The British Shorthair is a sturdy and muscular cat with a short, plush coat, the breed was developed from non-pedigree cats whose origins are those of the native working cats 9
= Monday, June 21, 2004British Shorthair More about Pet reviews: * The Sealyham Terrier * The Shih Tzu * The Keeshond * The Borzoi * Australian silky terrier Topics:Pet reviews The British Shorthair is a cat with a humble past. After arriving in Britain in Roman times, the cats were tolerated by humans as handy mousers.10
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22 month golden boy is available to a loving home. The golden shaded are very rare in the UK. So he is unique.16
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Breeder i take pride in my cats and kittens. I aspire to ensure all my kittens are bred for quality and temperament.20
Breeders If you are looking for British Shorthair kittens, you're sure to find a British Shorthair breeder in the list below.21
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CAT STATS = Color: Popular in blue, but available in any color or pattern, with the exception of Himalayan patterns.28
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Cats = British Shorthairs rarely have met a lap that they didn’t like. Be aware that their thick coats make them like feline furnaces and your lap may become toasty warm.31
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Cats are Fantastic! British Shorthair - newholgate Member Name: newholgate Product: British Shorthair Date: 13/10/04, updated on 16/10/04 (3103 review reads) Rating: Advantages: Excellent temperament, Beautiful to look at, Strong, healthy cats Disadvantages: NONE Since my husband 33
cats arrived to Britain after the 2nd century AD when the Roman Empire spread to Britain.34
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cats, based in the West Midlands, UK.37
is thought to be the oldest standard-acknowledged cat breed in the world.38
kittens are usually heavy and are supposed to open their eyes in a week's time after they are born. They are loving animals and also very energetic.39
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, a plush feline with an unflappable, affectionate personality, has survived religious persecution, two world wars, and being voted off the island by British fanciers.44
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