American Curl
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The American Curl is a breed of cat characterized by its unusual ears which curl back from the face toward the center of the back of the skull. An American Curl's ears should be handled carefully because rough handling may damage the cartilage in the ear. The breed originated in Lakewood California as the result of a spontaneous mutation. In June 1981 two stray kittens were found and taken in by the Ruga family. The kittens were both longhaired one black and the other black and white.

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: Cat Breed = with Caroline Scott A very intelligent and trainable breed, American Curls are low maintenance, family-friendly cats.4
Cat = The American Curl cat is an unusual breed with distinctive ears that gently curve backwards.5
= The American Curl is a breed of cat characterized by its unusual ears, which curl back from the face toward the center of the back of the skull.6
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American Curl is a cat breed with what are perhaps the most extraordinary ears in all of the feline world.8
Cat Breed Information = The American Curl is a breed of cat with unusual ears.9
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- Should You Own an American Curl? The first time you see an American Curl, you may think that the cat has a deformity.17
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By The Cat Fanciers' Association for Cat Facts American Curl Coloring - All colors and patterns are acceptable. However, the tabbies seem to be the most popular.21
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= American Curl history: The American Curl has a very short history.23
: American Curled Ear Cat = The American Curl cat is a new breed of cats, which saw and developed in California for the first time 24

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= MIHIY Patrick Henry from MIHIT Cattery Photo by Mrs Barbara DeAngelo "Adam" Daywarhim Kismit of Ghattiscurl from MIHIT Cattery The current American Curl descended from "Shulamith" (early-1980's) owned by Joe and Grace Ruga of Lakewood, CA.26
Kittens - American Curl kittens are known for their adorable curled ears. Learn more about this quirky and mischevious breed.27
Cats = American Curls can vary a lot in personality, but are basically easygoing, fun loving pets. They are playful and affectionate, and enjoy children.28
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( in various registries.)Tj 1.33333 -1.22222 TD 0 Tc 0.106 Tw (Joe and Grace continued their casual breeding program, giving the)Tj -1.33333 -1.22222 TD 0.32
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- = On a June day in 1981 in Lakewood, California, a black kitten with a long shiny, silky coat, large golden eyes and uniquely curled ears showed up 36
? = If you want to own a cat who has a unique appearance and a quiet, unassuming disposition...37
American Curl Cats for Sale = The American Curl gained CFA acceptance and has purred its way into the hearts of judges and cat lovers 38
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= Quick Links * Health * Training * Feeding Cats * Kittens * General Info * Reproduction Copacurlbana American Curls - NJ, USA - In addition to being simply adorable, our babies are sweet, healthy and very, very affectionate.40
Cat Behavior, Facts and Health Care Problem = The American Curl is known best for its unique characteristics as well as its petite proportion.41
cats for sale. The American curl cat is one of the newer breeds of cats.42
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Cats: small, Dignified and laid back Personality The unusual American Curl Breed of Cat Written By: Alfred and Pretty Baby The American Curl is a cat that has a unique characteristic 44
The cat on the right is an American Curl.45
- American Curl cat The American Curl is a relatively new breed and easily recognized by the distinct curling shape of its ears.46
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