American Bobtail

The American Bobtail is a relatively new and uncommon breed of cat which has appeared since the late 1960s. It is most notable for its stubby bobbed tail about one-third to one-half the length of a normal cat's tail. This is the result of a cat body type genetic mutation affecting the tail development similar to that of a Manx.

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Reminiscent of wild cats, the American bobtail is a medium to large cat native to North America with a naturally occurring short tail.4
Wikipedia English The Free Encyclopedia Download this dictionary American BobtailThe American Bobtail is a relatively new and uncommon breed of cat which has appeared since the late 1960s.5
* Facebook * Twitter American Bobtail = Weight: 11 - 20 pounds Life span: 15 - 20 years CFA rank: 33 6
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- Cat Breed - American bobtail cat breed American Bobtails are a loving, kind and incredibly intelligent cats.8
- History The American Bobtail is a new and uncommon breed of cat which has appeared in late 1960s.9
- So You Want an American Bobtail? If you want a friendly cat and don’t mind that the breed you’ve chosen is a bit of an upstart in the cat world, since 10
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= American Bobtail Until recently the American Bobtail has received little attention, so most people are surprised to learn that it has been catting around America 12
= HISTORY The American Bobtail can be traced back to a random-bred bobtailed tabby kitten that was adopted from an American Indian reservation in Arizona by John and Brenda Sanders 13
= Sponsored Listing: Luxury Pet Beds American Bobtail Cat - Breed Profile The American Bobtail Breed Profile and Picture submitted by Patricia Peters and Gloria McCollom of Attitude Acres Breed Description and Pictures 14
American Bobtail = 3012 E.15
American Bobtail = American Bobtail Overview: - Alternate Names: The American Bobtail is not known by any other names.16
American Bobtail = Reminiscent of the wild cats, the American Bobtail is a medium-large to large, naturally occurring short-tailed cat, native to North 17
American Bobtail If you want a friendly cat and don't mind that the breed you've chosen is a bit of an upstart in the cat world, since 18
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Breeds | Genetics | About cats | FAQ's | Resources | News | Have fun American Bobtail silver tabby CH Tsalagi Bobs Nakoma Breeder: Tsalagi Bobs cattery, Oklahoma, USA Photo by: Helmi Flick American Bobtail brown (black) spotted 22
Cats >> Breeds >> American Bobtail Lifespan: 9-15+ Years American Bobtail Weight: 7-15 lbs (3-7 kg) Tendency To Meow: Low Energy: High Cat 23

- The Facts Every Owner Of This Cat Breed Should Know American Bobtail - The Facts Every Owner Of This Cat Breed Should Know = Posted: Oct 14, 2007 |Comments: 24
Breed Synopsis ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ American Bobtail LH Breed Standard American Bobtail SH Breed Standard HISTORY: The American Bobtail is an excellent example of 25
Breeders American Bobtail - american-bobtail The most common color combination for this breed is a mixture of orange, black and white.26
Breeders • American Bobtail breeders are listed below alphabetically by state / city. • Click on underlined words to see their classified ads.27
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Cat Cat Facts = - How to Identify the American Bobtail Cat - The American Bobtail cat should not 29
Cat Breed = The American Bobtail: Take a Walk on the Wild Side - The American Bobtail Cat Breed in Brief: 30
Cat Breed Description = By Amy Buckley Appearance: American Bobtail Cats are wild in appearance with their shaggy coats and distinctive 31
Cat Breed Info - American Bobtail Cat Breed Picture This medium to large sized cat has the distinctive look of a natural hunter 32
Cat Breed Profile = Personality The American Bobtail Cat is a very adaptable, loving breed of cat.33
Cat Breed Profile = Short-Tailed Cats with a Wild Appearance and a Domestic Temperament - Tweet * Nov 34
Cat Facts = The History of American Bobtails - Legend has it that a cross-breeding between a domestic bobtail and a 35
Cats = American Bobtails are known for being friendly and playful. They are also active and very intelligent. They are famous for being escape artists.36
Cats = These Wild-Looking Cats Make Great Family Pets - American bobtail cat One of the relatively more recent breeds of cats, American bobtail cats were first recognized as 37
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| Japanese Bobtail | Colorpoint Shorthair | Siamese | Javanese American Bobtail American Bobtail - The American Bobtail is one of CFA's newest breeds, being accepted for registration and Miscellaneous status in 2000 and Championship 43
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