Abyssinian (cat)
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The Abyssinian is a breed of domesticated cat with a distinctive ticked coat. There are many stories about its origins often revolving around Ethiopia but the actual origins are uncertain. The Abyssinian has become one of the most popular breeds of shorthair cat in the USA.

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Abyssinian = A pet owner's guide to the - One of the world's oldest and most revered breeds, the Abyssinian cat resembles a puma in its sleek, lithe, muscular build.2
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is regal in appearance and has lively personality.4
Abyssinian American Shorthair Bengal Bombay Egyptian Mau Himalayan Maine Coon Munchkin Pixie Bob Oriental Cats 5
Breed Profile - Breed Information with Description & Photos = Below: Different breeds of cats with pictures, description and information on each 6
abyssinian breeder of Flamstone Felines. Home Page for Breeder. About The Abyssinian Breed of Cats.7
Abyssinian Kittens, Breeders, Abyssinians sheila@absolutelycats.8
Abyssinian and Burmese Kittens Purebreds with Papers $400 Abyssinian and Burmese Kittens Purebreds with Papers Abyssinian · Chicago, IL Kitten Female DetailsAbyssinian Kittens are Active and Short Haired so are Burmese they dont require hardley any grooming and are good so people who cant handle a long coat on a cat. Pet Home only for these cuties. Visit us at http://www.freewebs.com/debbiescats/.9
Abyssinian Kittens Kittens Abyssinian Kittens = Abyssinian History - are one of the oldest known breeds worldwide, however the history of this unique animal continues to be a debated issue.10
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is a little obscure, although it is fairly certain that the wife of an English Army officer, a Mrs Captain Barrett-Leonard, brought the original specimen back 12
Abyssinian Breed Council! - Distinguished Merit | Top 10 Abyssinians | Int'l Show Results | Health Articles | Newsletters | Links - 2010-2011 Best of Breed & CFA 9th Best Cat: GC, BW, NW INDIABI HELIO II OF GREENVILLE, Red Abyssinian Male.13
= History of the Abyssinian Cat - As far back as four thousand years ago, Abyssinian cats were a very 14
Abyssinian Abyssinians Abyssinian - The Abyssinian is a recognized breed of cat that can trace its roots back to the Nile valley. Despite this, the breed was actually developed in Great Britain.15
Abyssinian litter in Australia (they were later sold to a Victorian breeder, and continued to produce prolifically).16
Abyssinian = Abyssinian - Cat Facts have a distinctly ticked and tawny coat.17
Abyssinian * American Bobtail * American Curl * American 18
Abyssinian Addis Ababa Africa capital of Ethiopia Ethiopia Ethiopian Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Horn of Africa Jaal 19
Abyssinian - = The Abyssinian horse, also sometimes called the Gala, is a small, round horse about 13.3 hands high. Although it is of pony size, it is considered a light horse breed.20
Abyssinian lovers that are dedicated to help any Aby in distress anywhere/anytime.21
Abyssinian DM!! - GP, RW PURSSYNIAN AZURE MERLINUS Blue Male born 02/21/1996 Sire: GC Chatbeaux's Pepi La Peu of Kid Dam: GC,RW Chatbeaux's Coup De Blu of Purssynian Breeder: Beth and Darrell Newkirk Owner: Adrienne and Jim Jackson CFA Midwest Region 22
Abyssinian = The Abyssinian is found in Ethiopia and is a pony/light horse breed.23
abyssinian guinea pigs * guinea pig breeds * guinea pig care * choosing a pet guinea pig 2 of 9 Previous Next Abyssinian Guinea Pig"Abyssinian Guinea Pig - Mr. Nibbles" Abyssinian Guinea Pig - Mr.24

Abyssinian Abyssinian Kittens for Sale Abyssinian Abyssinians Whisky, the Abyssinian at at 6 months old.25
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Abyssinian Kittens for sale - for sale - Breeders - Pet Directory | Pet InsuranceWednesday, 14 March 2012 Abyssinian Kittens for Sale - Cat Breed 27
Abyssinian Rescue = Aby - photo copyright key lime pie (Anna Wiz) Abyssinian Rescue centers are the place to find an Abyssinian cat, one of the most 28
Abyssinian Guinea Pig = A short account of the Abyssinian guinea pig care and the information related to rearing them is provided below.29
ABYSSINIAN / SOMALI Inherited problems in cats - confirmed and suspected Ocular conditions Progressive retinal atrophy (PRA) PRA describes an inherited ophthalmic condition leading ultimately to 30
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Abyssinian is also known as the Gala. +History For many millenium the Abyssian horse has roamed free in the mountains and plains of Ethiopia.32
Breed = The Abyssinian cat has lively personality showing interest in all activities around him. He is also a very "people oriented" cat.33
(noun) 5. Abyssinian primrose (noun) 6.34
Abyssinian Standards Modern Abyssinians What's in a name? Modern Abyssinians by Caroline Macaulay Although the Standard of Points for the varies from country to country, 35
Abyssinian Breed Synopsis ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Abyssinian Breed Standard HISTORY: The actual history of the is unknown.36
Abyssinian Cavy Club = - Home Page Breed Standard Standard Guidance Aby Colours Aby Downloads Aby Dates 2011 Aby Gallery Aby Articles Please make all enquires to The Joint Secretaries: email Andrew Sparkes email Simon Neesam ABYSSINIAN CAVY CLUB INFORMATION - Handbook for 2011 now available ~ Subs also due! ABYSSINIAN NEWS: Simon has got 37
Abyssinian kitten! Crystalpaws Fawn Fantasy & Crystalpaws Blue Sky at twelve weeks old (Fawn & Blue Abyssinian's) Contact Details: Debbie Dixon 01206 845776 crystalpaws@crystalcats.co.38
Abyssinian traces its beginning back to 1974 when it grew out of few members. Today Abyssinian is one church in two locations, with One Faith, One Lord, One Baptism and one God-given vision.39
Breed Profile = Abyssinians Are Clever, Energetic Cats with Doglike Traits - Tweet * Oct 18, 2008 40
Abyssinian queen Highlight Saba (usual silver) in 2006. She was going to have just the one litter….41
Abyssinian Definition of Abyssinian = Babylon English of or pertaining to Abyssinia, of or pertaining to the inhabitants of Abyssinia, of or pertaining to the 42
Abyssinian * : Catteries (25) - See also: * Regional: Europe: United Kingdom: Recreation and Sports: Pets: Cats: Abyssinian (2) This category in other languages: * Dutch (6) 43
Information Abyssinian Cat Information = Abyssinian Cat Informationthumbnail The Abyssinian cat or "Aby," is considered to be one of the oldest 44
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Established 1984, GCCF registered Welcome to Pontaby Abyssinians We are breeders of quality Abyssinian cats, based 46
Breed Snapshot - The quickest way to find pertinent information about the Abyssinian cat, and its suitability as a pet, from your Guide.47
= The Abyssinian cat or Aby is one of the most popular short-haired cat breeds and one that is instantly recognizable because of its 48